Selling Happiness and Longevity

Selling Happiness and Longevity

Usually, a site before it will be lunch, the purpose of which is determined first.

Previously, in my blog “Launching the Adamants Empire Official Website”, the purposes of this site were stated. It was mentioned that the main reason behind the site is to help the “Adamants”, the member of the Adamants Empire, achieve their Dreams, actually their BIG DREAMS, “by creating a community of people with Big Dreams, great ideas, and willing to share their time, effort, and even their resources for the common good of the many.”

But the question remains, how will I help them anyway, isn’t it? Well, I will start making them realized that we are not just selling anything to earn but we are selling happiness and longevity here.

Merriam Webster defines longevity as 1a: a long duration of individual life, e.g. the members of the family are noted for their longevity; 1b: length of life, e.g. a study of longevity.

Why we say, we sell longevity?  I-fern provides the best World-Class products that persons need to have a long life.

We have this “POWER TRIO” (Fern-D, Fern-Activ, and MilkCa), the three (3) magnificent vitamin combination of Ifern.

power trio

1. FERN-D – the “Sunshine Vitamins”, also known as Vitamin D3 Supplement trusted by the World Branding Awards because of its undeniable positive testimonies of its users all over the country and to the world how these “MIRACLE PILLS” heal them or make them feel better.

fern d mentioned 9 Vitamin D Benefits You Should Know—and How to Get More in Your Diet but it is actually many studies conducted to prove how these Vitamins help us treat, heal or even prevent diseases. Dr. Michael Holic, the leading authority on Vitamin D, who makes thorough studies to prove his claim that Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) can prevent and treat at least 150 diseases including cancer.

In one of the article make a very stunning statement: Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – is the favorite and is believed to have the most proven benefits.

2. FERN-ACTIV – is the multi-vitamins of I-fern that contains an intense spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help you breeze through your day, even as the demands get tougher! The following are the benefits it brings us.


3. MILKCA – calcium supplement from real fresh milk. A capsule a day can provide daily needs requirements of the body to perform well. It has vitamins and minerals contains in our bones making it very essential to make our bones stronger and can be easily absorbed by our body.


Other than these 3 mentioned Vitamins, we have nine (9) more world-class products that will definitely help us healthy in and out.

We have Fern-Coffee, with its premium taste and aroma, coffee mixed with Vitamins and minerals you can find in Fern-Activ. Because of it, the energy level, the immune system, and bone health are given an extra boost.


According to President/CEO Tommanny Tan, Skin Care and Beauty Products is five (5) times greater than that of the supplement market. No wonder why many Filipinos were so conscious of their beauty. The reason behind that Beauty Products regardless of their brand is very sellable nowadays. Here is the “GOOD NEWS”, we at I-fern have also a world-class “Beauty Products” whom we can sell. The “AURORA BEAUTY PRODUCTS” can complete with the leading beauty products in the market…an opportunity that needs attention.

aurora ifern

Since I-fern promotes Health and Wellness, another undeniable and exceptional toothpaste is among the best products the company can be proud of.  Silverfresh is the first and only toothpaste in the Philippines that uses “Silver Ion” Technology. Is one of a kind silver-based active ingredient that is bactericidal against 150 strains of bacteria and common fungi, non-toxic to humans, and is not known to cause cancer, reproductive or neurological damage, or other chronic adverse effects.


Here comes another product that promotes our health…the Fern Flex. It is an undenatured type II collagen that is clinically proven to be effective and significantly reduces joint pains 2x more effective than Glucosamine.

fern flex

Here are some benefits to those persons with Osteoarthritis, to wit:

  1. Helps reduce pain
  2. Reduce inflammation in the joints, and
  3. Assist the body in rebuilding joint cartilage.

It is also best for healthy and active adults. Helps exercise longer, assists in preventing joint damage caused by strenuous activities decreases joint pains caused by wear and tear, and helps improve knee function.

The afore-mentioned world-class products will make us healthy most especially if we do it with proper diet and exercise. If our health is to achieve at an affordable price, longer life may also achieve. Then, longevity is possible! I am right or I am right? Yes, you got it right.

Wikipedia states that the term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.[1] It is also used in the context of life satisfactionsubjective well-beingeudaimonia, flourishing, and well-being. Then, how we say we’re selling happiness here in I-fern? Well, it is just a mere prankish act to get your attention and make effort to view this post. But honestly speaking we can say we are indeed selling happiness here.

“Sharing Prosperity Globally Through Entrepreneurship” is the mission of our company, and if this mission will achieve, for sure anybody touched by I-fern will be happy. In the Company’s RBA or Ifern Revolutionary Advantage, it teaches us to DREAM BIG. To dream that we can travel or vacation locally or abroad, dream to have a home enough for the whole family to enjoy, dream to have a legacy perhaps an investment or a business venture that our children will have, dream to bring our children to a prestigious school and the course of their choice, dream to achieve financial freedom, dream that we can afford the best hospital and doctors if ever we get sick, and the last but not the least, to dream to have a happy family together.

Further, we are also taught to learn more about our business because knowledge is the very foundation of I-fern Business. Along the way, while applying the knowledge acquired earning comes. When earnings get higher and higher, the state of happiness gets closer and closer.

When we talked about longevity, the world-class products of I-fern were showcase how it makes us healthier to promote longer life. Some say being healthy promotes happiness. But it’s the other way around. Like in  it gives credit that happiness is the one promoting healthy life… Being healthy can make a person happy, but happiness itself may also lead to better health, according to a new study. Researchers found that people who enjoy life tend to maintain better physical function than those who don’t in daily activities as they age.

What I-fern trying to share will bring happiness…and if happiness promotes a healthier Life…Longevity is attainable.

But the fulfillment remains to the person wishing to achieve his Big Dream. If he/she willing to learn, explore, give time, effort, and resources for the fulfillment of that promise engraved into our mind.

Following the system is a must. Never stop learning from the Top Earners because they are our future and we are their past. Copy those things that will help you grow and disregard those things that will put you down.

Let us just “Believe in Yourself and Have Passion-ABUNDANCE WILL FLOW by Dr. Ravee.

Lastly, thank you for your time in reading this article. Your comments will make the author learn and strive better to improve any possible undertaking that will make such us this better and better.

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